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Shana Lebowitz
Jul. 5, 2018, 9:18 AM
Apple employees take on a project if they know it will improve the customer experience. That's according to Tai Tran, an entrepreneur who previously worked on Apple's social and content team. Tran said Apple employees know their goal is to satisfy their end users — even if it will mean days of extra work for them.

Tai Tran worked at Apple, on the social and content team , for two years.

One aspect of the company impressed him most.

"Whenever there's a question about whether we should do something or not," Tran told me, "we always come back to the question of, 'How would this impact the customer experience?'"

The answer to that question determines how they should proceed. "If it's going to improve the customer experience even marginally, the answer is yes, we should be doing that — even if it takes us hours or days or weeks," Tran said.

Today, Tran, 24, is an entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of new dating app Blue . The app is geared toward Gen Z and millennial daters and is modeled partly after HQ Trivia, in that users answer questions in real time and get matched according to their responses.

Tran said he still focuses on the customer experience the same way he did at Apple.

"We [at Blue] always ask ourselves, 'Are we doing this because we're trying to make it easier in our own life or are we trying to improve the customer experience?'" he said. "If it's going to improve the customer experience, I should be doing it — even if it's something I know is going to take a long time and I have so many other priorities to do."

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the company's focus on customer experience.

Other startup founders emphasize the importance of knowing and catering to your customer

Tran's observations recall those of Evgeny Milyutin, cofounder of Happy Numbers, an artificial intelligence-enabled math education platform. Milyutin previously told Business Insider about the importance of knowing your customer and understanding their needs before designing your product.

"Understand exactly what their day looks like and what keeps them up at night. A true understanding of all their pain points, even if they are not directly related to the problem your product is solving, will help you develop a solution that customers will trust," Milyutin said.

As for Tran, he said working at Apple taught him that the customer experience should be an ongoing concern. "Your responsibility to the customer doesn't end when they install an app, or when they buy your service or good," Tran said. "How do you continue to help that customer and continue empowering them through the entire customer journey?"

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With a student population of a few thousand, you might be afraid of being one more face in the crowd. Don’t worry. BJU’s societies help you meet new friends and get involved in activities including sports, outreach and prayer meeting.

/ 31

What are societies?

Societies are designed to encourage productive, cooperative and godly relationships that display Christlike character. Each society communicates its specific mission through its motto, mascot and theme verse.

Societies operate according to an officer system. You’ll have the chance to develop leadership skills by serving in various offices like president, vice president, chaplain, chorister, secretary and treasurer. The officers plan Friday society meetings, prayer meetings, outings and outreach opportunities .

The goal of the camaraderie, activities and prayer meetings is to channel the Gospel and love for each other into a focus on service to the campus, local churches and the surrounding communities.

Societies can help you develop others-serving relationships through community service projects and campus outreach ministries . The purpose of outreach ministries is to extend the Gospel to the community. Society members recognize a need and organize a group to meet it with the Gospel.

Each semester, your society hosts a stag (members only) outing or a dating outing. Stag outings promote community through a variety of excursions, from intense sports like white-water rafting and paintball, to laid-back activities like roller-skating and hiking. For a dating outing, you can, as the name implies, bring a date or friend. These outings can be anything from a formal banquet to horse-back riding.

The intramural sports program at BJU revolves around both men’s and women’s societies. You’ll be able to try out for as many sports as your society offers. If you don’t play sports, you can still go and support your society team. Learn more about intramural sports .

At the beginning of the year, you’ll experience a fantastic food-filled, several-day event called Rush where societies will welcome and encourage you to join their societies. At the end of Rush, you’ll choose a society and will meet the rest of the members who will be waiting to welcome you with food and inductions.

While a lot of Rush is crazy, the main purpose of Rush isn’t food or fun; it’s for you to get to the core of that society and discover what its focus is. You will be able to meet officers and members, and get a general feel for what that society is like.

You’ll get a Rush Guide, which offers some history about societies, recommended questions for you to ask members, society sports and service records, and a Society of the Year feature.

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